The Portal of Triparty Services is the interface of the INFI/PARTAD Triparty Services System (TSS), databases connected with it and corresponding services, which are based on the application of information technologies.

     The TSS logically combines functions of a trusted third-party and a web-access for its participants to services which are necessary for them: whether it is accounting of the right of ownership on financial instruments or transferring of reports to the FFMS of Russia1. In information interaction on the basis of electronic data interchange (EDI) between parties of financial market, the TSS acts as interaction organizer which is equidistant from both parties.

     The technological basis of the TSS is PARTAD Certification Center (CC) which has all necessary licenses (provided by the FSB of Russia) to organize EDI, facilities of cryptographic protection of information (FCPI) and experience of many years of successful activity in this field. This allows to position center as a core of corresponding public keys infrastructure.

     The role of the TSS operator is performed by INFI PARTAD, which is an experienced consultant in implementation of information technologies in the activity of accounting institutes, including application by them of certificates of digital signature (DS) keys.

     The scheme of settlements on securities which is realized with the help of the TSS, is based on the application of the CC and TSS Communication service, which are independent from parties interacting during the EDI process i.e. the scheme is based on services of a trusted third-party.

     As a trusted third-party the TSS guarantees that electronic documents are timely transferred to intended receiver together with provision of integrity, authenticity, authorship and with application of methods of necessary certificates preparation, which allow to recover the retrospective course of events (provided that TSS participants observe PARTAD EDI Rules).

     Main goals of the TSS creation and development are:
     - spread of PARTAD Formats of electronic interaction on Russian securities markets and markets of collective investments, as it is a necessary condition of straight through processing (STP) of information by markets participants;
     - organization of transferring of information about operations, initiated by owners of financial instruments (securities) in the accounting system and reports about fulfillment of these operations, and also transferring of information about the state of owner's accounts in accounting institutes with application of the EDI;
     - assistance to EDI participants and their clients in acceleration and improvement of reliability of settlements on securities on over-the-counter market on the basis of possibilities, provided by structured EDI;
     - assistance to investors in realization of rights of securities holders by improvement of quality of services, provided by EDI participants.

1   The FFMS of Russia - Federal Financial Markets Service is a regulatory authority on Russian securities market.